Shaka Zulu: The Real Story

In the first years of the 19th century, Shaka Zulu created a nation that would challenge the British Empire for domination of Southern Africa.


Shaka Zulu, a contemporary engraving                                 from Wiki commons

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The Bermuda Triangle and the Disappearance of the USS Cyclops

With the exception of the US Navy “Flight 19”, the most famous victim of the “Bermuda Triangle” was the USS Cyclops, a Navy coal-carrier with a crew of over 300, who vanished without a trace in the closing days of World War One.


USS Cyclops                                                                       photo from US Navy

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The Cocaine King: Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel

In 1990, one of the richest men on the planet was Pablo Escobar. To some, he was a ruthless drug lord who murdered thousands of people. To others, he was a Robin Hood who gave millions of dollars to poor neighborhoods in Colombia.

Members of the DEA and Colombian police pose with the dead body of Pablo Escobar  (Photo from DEA)

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Treblinka: The Forgotten Camp

It was the second-largest of the death camps built by the Nazis: only Auschwitz killed more people. It was the scene of an armed prisoner uprising and a mass escape. The Nazis destroyed the camp and tried to hide it before the end of the war. And even today, Treblinka is mostly forgotten, hidden in the historical shadow of the much more famous Auschwitz camp.


Concentration camp armbands

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Wells Cathedral

In the Middle Ages, when the Roman Catholic Church was the most powerful (and richest) institution in Europe and held secular as well as religious influence over everyone’s life, the largest building in any town was likely to be the church. The pinnacle of church-building were the grand cathedrals that dotted Europe as each city sought to build the biggest and most richly ornamented cathedral. Medieval cathedrals were the Middle Ages equivalent of the Apollo moon program–they stretched contemporary technology to its limits, and required enormous investments of manpower and resources. And one of the grandest of England’s churches was Wells Cathedral, near Glastonbury.


Wells Cathedral.

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A President’s Secret Operation: How Grover Cleveland Hid His Cancer Surgery

Today, in the era of 24-hour news services and round the clock coverage, the US President lives constantly in the camera light. But in the 1890’s something happened that would be utterly impossible today: the President of the United States was diagnosed with a potentially fatal condition, he disappeared completely for several weeks while undergoing life-saving surgery–and it was all kept entirely secret for almost 25 years.

President Grover Cleveland                                             Photo from Wikicommons

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The Montauk Monster: A New York Mystery

In the summer of 2008, an odd-looking carcass washed up on the shore of the East River in New York City. When photos of the bloated hairless body were posted to the Internet, it caused a sensation, with speculations that it was an unknown animal, an alien pet from outer space, or perhaps a secret genetic experiment from a nearby government research lab. It was dubbed “The Montauk Monster”.


The Plum Island Animal Disease Center–part of the monster conspiracy…?

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