The Battle of Chickamauga

In August 1863, the Army of the Cumberland, under the Union General William Rosecrans, was poised to take the important Confederate railroad center of Chattanooga TN, which was defended by the Army of Tennessee under the Confederate General Braxton Bragg. In a deft move, Rosecrans swung his army through the Tennessee mountains and cut off the city’s supply lines, forcing Bragg to abandon it. Bragg made immediate plans to take it back by seizing the Union supply route at Lafayette Road.

Chickamauga Battlefield

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The Man Who Served on Both Sides in WW1

One of the oft-neglected aspects of the First World War was the use of colonial troops and ethnic minorities in the trenches, including large numbers of French Algerians and British Indians. The Germans used several units of ethnic Danish troops, and this led to one of the most unique stories of the war—when one man ended up serving in first the German and then the American Army.

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