The Lost Colony of Roanoke

When the colony of Roanoke was founded in North Carolina, it was the first attempt at establishing a permanent English settlement in North America. But the expedition ended in failure and mystery.

A pottery fragment from the Roanoke site

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Grave

Edgar Allan Poe may be one of the most significant and well-known writers of the 19th century, and his influence can still be seen today. Poe was one of the first Americans to attempt to make a living solely through writing (though, as he lived poor and died penniless, one could argue how successful that was). But he helped establish the literary genres of science fiction and gothic horror, while virtually single-handedly inventing the detective mystery. He popularized the short-story format, and also wrote in poetry. For an English major like me, visiting his grave in Baltimore was like paying homage at a holy temple.

Edgar Allan Poe’s gravesite
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