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Mission San Luis, Florida

The Mission San Luis was established in 1656 as a Spanish administrative center for western Florida and as a Catholic church to convert the native Appalachee tribes.  Today it has been reconstructed as a living history museum.


The Council House

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The Experimental Submarine USS Albacore

During the Second World War, the submarine proved its effectiveness as a weapon. The German U-boats nearly brought England to its knees in the Battle of the Atlantic, while in the Pacific, the US submarine force crippled Japan’s maritime shipping, cutting off its raw materials and sinking over half of its tonnage losses.


USS Albacore on display in Portsmouth NH

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The Confederate Attack on New York

When the Civil War began to turn against the Confederates in 1864, they began to desperately search for ways to “take the war to the north”, both to exact a measure of revenge for William T Sherman’s destructive march across the South, and to create havoc and panic among the Yankees. And one of these was a planned firebombing campaign in New York City.

robert cobb kennedy
Robert Cobb Kennedy, just before his execution    photo from WikiCommons

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