The Lenape Game of Mamantuhwin

Mamantuhwin is a dice-type game played by the Lenape Native Americans from eastern Pennsylvania (also sometimes called the Delawares). Women and children played it for entertainment, while men used it for gambling.

Native American dice from Iowa, with dice bowl
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Icons of Aviation History: B-25 Mitchell

The B-25 medium bomber is most famous for its part in the Doolittle raid over Tokyo. But it was an extremely versatile aircraft that carried out multiple roles in every theater of the war, for the US Army, Navy and Marines as well as for the British and Soviet air forces.

B-25 Mitchell on exhibit with the Commemorative Air Force in Phoenix AZ

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Greek Fire

Greek fire was the most terrifying weapon of its day. It was a flammable liquid that could be sprayed on its target from a distance, could not be put out easily, and burned even on water. To this day, we do not know how it was made.

Greek fire                                             photo from WikiCommons

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