The British Raid on Taranto Harbor

In November 1940, the British Royal Navy carried out a surprise attack on the Italian fleet in Taranto Harbor using carrier aircraft. It was a model for the Japanese air strike on Pearl Harbor a year later.

British recon photo showing results of Taranto raid photo from WikiCommons
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Making Some Stone Tools

When I was a kid I lived in Rapid City SD and had Lakota friends on the Pine Ridge Reservation. I learned the basics of arrowpoint-making (along with a bunch of other kids) from a guy who seemed to take a liking to the young wasichu.

So I thought I’d give it a try again now that I am cooped up here (until I can finally get those needles in the arm), and have obtained some suitable stone and chipped away at it for the past several days.

A few photos. Sorry—it’s hard to knap flint with two hands and still work a camera.  😉

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Dire Wolf: The Big Bad Wolf Wasn’t Really A Wolf After All

For over 150 years, the Dire Wolf, originally known as Canis dirus and now classed as Aenocyon dirus, was believed to be a specialized version of the ordinary North American Gray Wolf, Canis lupus, that was slightly bigger and had a heavier skull to tackle larger Ice Age prey. But in 2020, an examination of DNA extracted from Dire Wolf skeletons changed that picture entirely.


Dire Wolf skulls on exhibit at the LaBrea Tarpits in Los Angeles

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