Icons of Aviation History: F-22 Raptor

The F-22 Raptor is the latest fighter to be produced by the US.


F-22 Raptor on display at the US Air Force Museum

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The History of Embalming

From the dawn of humanity, people have been treating dead bodies with reverence and respect, often based around religious ceremonies and rituals. The earliest members of Homo sapiens buried their dead, often accompanying the bodies with “grave goods” such as spear points and pottery.


Civil War embalming tent

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Pelagornis: The Largest Flying Bird

In 1983, construction workers who were building a new terminal at the Charleston Airport in South Carolina made an unusual discovery—pieces of a large fossilized skeleton, including parts of a skull and limb bones. Paleontologists from the nearby Charleston Museum were called in to investigate the find, and museum director Albert Sanders dispatched a team headed by staff member James Malcolm to excavate the skeleton.


Pelgornis skeleton on display at the Charleston Museum

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