A Flash of Color: Discovering Dinosaur Pigments

In 2010, a remarkable study was published which allowed us, for the first time, to see the world of the dinosaurs in color. Until then, “what color were dinosaurs?” had been an unanswerable question: reconstructions were usually based on modern reptiles like crocodiles, and depicted them in subdued shades of green and brown. Today, science tells us that not only were many dinosaurs covered in feathers, but these were decorated with gaudy colors and patterns.


Sinosauropteryx                                  photo from Wiki commons

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Houdini: The Real Story

Harry Houdini was one of the greatest, and certainly the most famous, stage magicians of all time. His seemingly impossible escapes, everything from straitjackets to locked chains, fascinated the public, and even led to furtive whispers that Houdini must have supernatural powers.


Straightjacket used in one of Houdini’s escapes

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The Jayuya Uprising and Puerto Rican Independence

In 1950, an armed rebellion broke out in the Puerto Rican city of Jayuya, aimed at winning independence for the island. The insurrection spread to several other cities before it was put down by troops and air strikes. As its last act, the Jayuya Uprising tried to assassinate the US President. Today, the entire affair is mostly forgotten in the US, but it remains a powerful symbol for the Puerto Rican nationalist movement.


Troops in Jayuya

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