The Wright Brothers Photo

It is one of the most famous and iconic images of the 20th century. Probably everyone alive has seen it. But the photograph of the Wright Brothers’ flying machine lifting off the ground at Kitty Hawk NC in December 1903 was snapped by a bystander who had never seen a camera before–and it was the only photograph he would ever take.

wright xamera

The camera that took the most famous photo in the world

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Avocados and the Mexican Drug Cartels

In the past ten years, the amount of avocados consumed in the US has more than quadrupled, to over a million tons a year. Most of this is used to make guacamole, a traditional Mexican food that has now become popular in the United States. While many avocados consumed in the US are grown in California, about 60% are imported from Mexico–where they have sparked a long-running battle between local farmers and one of Mexico’s drug cartels.

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