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The Toronto Circus Riot

“A clown and a fireman walk into a whorehouse…”

It sounds like the opening of an off-color joke. But in 1855, it was the beginning of an incident that changed the political structure of Toronto, Canada.


King Street in Toronto                                       photo from WikiCommons

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The Peshtigo Fire of 1871

The deadliest fire in American history killed over a thousand people in the town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin. But the Peshtigo Fire is today largely unknown and forgotten–mostly because it happened on October 8, 1871–the same day as the much more famous Great Chicago Fire.


The Peshtigo Fire, a contemporary engraving                              photo from WikiCommons

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Battle of Craney Island

By the spring of 1813, the War of 1812 had entered a new phase. The American drive into Canada had mostly stalled and the land war settled into a deadlock. But although England was still tied up in the war with Napoleon, the Royal Navy, stung by the recent string of American naval victories, was able to spare a small force for North America to hunt down the US frigates, and to prevent American privateers from leaving harbor.

US Navy fuel storage tanks at Craney Island


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Crackpots: The Moon Landing Deniers

The Conspiracy Theory

Humans never landed on the Moon, NASA faked the 1960s Moon landings (perhaps with the help of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick), and the whole thing was staged here on Earth. Since then, there has been a huge Conspiracy to cover up the fakery.

As one Conspiracy fan describes it, “Some of the moon walks are definitely filmed in a movie studio, no question. My theory about the production process is the astronauts were subjected to multiple iterations of mission training simulations where they followed the same script over and over, and much of this occurred in movie studios before cameras. At a minimum some of these training simulation films were used in the official mission footage. How much of any of it was actually on the moon I don’t claim to know, but a lot of it seems highly dubious.”

Another Reddit fan adds, “I don’t think man ever landed on the moon, other space shit is hard to believe. No I don’t believe in Flat earth, but I am not certain the ISS is real.”

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