Edsel: The Story of a Failure

The Edsel was intended to be a triumph of American car-making which would sweep the Ford Motor Company to a dominating position. Instead, it became the most famous and most spectacular marketing failure in American business.


Edsel Corsair, Winn Antique Car Museum, Asheville NC

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The Indian Stream Republic

During the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, American forces attempted to invade Canada. After the wars, the exact boundary between the two nations was unclear, leading to the declaration of a tiny independent country, the Republic of Indian Stream.


The Webster-Ashburton Treaty

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Kingfish: The Colorful Career of Huey Long

In the midst of the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt launched the New Deal, a massive government-funded effort to restart the economy, put people back to work, and provide a social safety network that Americans had never had before. Today, the programs of the New Deal form the spine of America’s society. But back in the 1930s, Roosevelt was bitterly opposed. The extreme right-wing, much of which openly supported Hitler, Mussolini, and fascism, condemned FDR and his programs as “communistic”. But the New Deal also had critics from the left as well, and the most popular of these was Louisiana Senator Huey P Long.


Huey Long gravesite, Baton Rouge LA

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