Mao’s War on Sparrows

In 1958 the People’s Republic of China launched the “Great Leap Forward”, which was intended to modernize the country and make it a world power. As part of this program, Mao Zedong also began a war against the Eurasian Sparrow. It ended in disaster.

“Four Pests” propaganda poster         photo from WikiCommons

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The Assassination of Gov Frank Steunenberg

In 1905, the assassination of former Idaho Governor Frank Steunenberg led to a sensational trial which featured some of the most prominent attorneys in the US and turned into a national debate over the existence of labor unions.

Frank Steunenberg

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The Confederate Attack on New York

When the Civil War began to turn against the Confederates in 1864, they began to desperately search for ways to “take the war to the north”, both to exact a measure of revenge for William T Sherman’s destructive march across the South, and to create havoc and panic among the Yankees. And one of these was a planned firebombing campaign in New York City.

robert cobb kennedy
Robert Cobb Kennedy, just before his execution    photo from WikiCommons

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The Albigensian Crusade

When most people hear the word “Crusades”, they think of knights in armor trekking to the Holy Land to fight with the Muslims. But one of the bitterest and bloodiest medieval Crusades took place in France and was fought against people who declared that they were “Good Christians”.


Albigensian Crusade                                       photo from WikiCommons

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