Martin Guitars

Although the extent of my guitar knowledge consists of just three or four chords, I’ve always been interested in music as a cultural history (though I confess I’ve always liked heavy metal, the heavier the better). While growing up in Nazareth PA, I knew a few people who worked at the nearby Martin Guitar factory.

Martin Guitars
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The Jersey Devil

New Jersey is the only state that has an official “State Demon”, based on an odd legend that involves Benjamin Franklin, a prominent New Jersey family, and Satan.

The Jersey Devil, as depicted in 1909                            photo from WikiCommons

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The Russian Woodpecker (No, It’s Not a Bird)

Towards the end of the Cold War, the Soviet Union deployed a ballistic-missile early-warning radar that was so powerful it interfered with television and radio broadcasts across most of the world. It was dubbed “The Russian Woodpecker”.

Duga-1 array                                               photo from Wikicommons

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