The German Fighter Pilot Who Flew for the RAF

In the early years of the Second World War, a flood of refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe made its way to London. Some of these were former military officers, and among these were a number of pilots who now volunteered to fly with the Royal Air Force against the Nazis. So far as is known, however, there was only one German fighter pilot (and two bomber pilots) who flew for the British.

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Sir Ken Adam photo from Wiki Commons
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Ruby Falls

It’s not often that one gets to see a waterfall that is underground.

When I arrived in Chattanooga, I did not know about Ruby Falls—I was mostly interested in the Civil War sites. But I had grown up in eastern Pennsylvania and had visited Lost River Caverns many times, which features an underground river. So I quickly made plans to visit Ruby Falls.

Ruby Falls
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Tampa Bay in the Spanish-American War

By 1898, the US had expanded as far as it could within the continent of North America. The “Indian Wars” were over (the last major “battle”—the massacre at Wounded Knee—was in 1890), and the US had taken everything that was not already part of Canada or Mexico.

If the US were to continue its relentless expansion, it would have to look overseas. And the aging Spanish Empire made a very tempting target.

Six-inch rifled gun from Fort Dade
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