The Assassination of James Garfield

In the history of the US, there have been four Presidents who were cut down by assassin’s bullets. Probably the most obscure is the death of James Garfield, who was shot by Charles Guiteau in 1881. But Garfield’s assassination came at a time of profound change in the American political system–and in the end helped to push that change forward.

garfield assassination

Garfield’s assassination; a contemporary newspaper illustration

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Does “Chronic Lyme Disease” Really Exist?

It is a fierce controversy, fought out with almost religious devotion by True Believers. Does “Chronic Lyme Disease” actually exist, is it a conspiracy of denial by medical science, or is it just an Internet hysteria?


The Lyme Disease spirochete                                                                     photo from CDC

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The Odd Phemonenon of “Morgellons Disease”

“Morgellons Disease” is one of the oddest social phenomena of the 21st century. Its devotees claim to have an unknown disease in which their skin grows mysterious fibers; medical science is unanimous in concluding that the disease is not real. What is certain is that “Morgellons” is a product of the Internet Age. More specifically, it is the product of one person’s search on the Internet.

Figure 4

“Morgellons Disease”                                                                  photo from CDC

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