Woodrow Wilson’s Boyhood Home

I have always been fascinated by Woodrow Wilson, who is, sadly, one of our forgotten Presidents. Wilson was a complex person, and in many ways he seemed contradictory. He won office by vowing to keep the US out of the First World War, yet he was the one who declared war on Germany. His program for peace emphasized the end of colonialism and the right of self-determination, yet domestically he was an unabashed advocate of white racial superiority and was, it was whispered, a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan. He considered himself a liberal defender of political rights, yet he launched a fierce campaign of repression against anarchists, socialists, and war critics. He passionately supported internationalism with his League of Nations, but was also an unapologetic nationalist who sent troops all over South America to enforce US interests. He was, simultaneously, a man far ahead of his time, and a man inextricably caught up in his time. I consider him to be one of our most historically significant Presidents. So when I found myself in Augusta GA, I took the opportunity to visit his boyhood home.

Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home
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